We all love the shine of untouched jewelry, the glare of polished gemstones, and the fresh-looking silver metal. But even with the best polish and craftsmanship, your silver ornaments might tarnish over a period of time!
Tarnishing is a process where silver creates a brownish or yellowish layer. This is caused due to the moisture and humidity in the surrounding which starts the process of oxidation.

The good news is the oxidation on your silverware can be stopped. With some simple steps, one can maintain the shine and keep the jewelry alive! 

So here are some steps that can help you save your silver from tarnishing -

1) When you Buy Silver Bracelet Online in India, clean your silver jewelry after wearing it. 

2) Not only silver but gold also tarnish, so when you Buy Gold Pendant Online India use lukewarm water to wash your jewelry items gently and dry them with a soft cloth after each use. 

3) You can also delay the process of tarnishing by polishing your silver jewelry on a regular basis. Use a polishing cloth to gently clean your silver items to prevent them from tarnishing. Or you can have your silver jewelry buffed by a professional every now and then.

4) Buy Silver Bracelet Online in India can be overwhelming and we all want to wear it every time, but to prevent your precious ornament, Minimize contact of your silver jewelry with any substances that can cause tarnishing. This means that avoid wearing your jewels when washing up or taking a bath.

5) Buy Gold Pendant Online India and try to avoid contact of your jewels with chemicals like water, perfume, oils, laxatives, etc. For the safer side, you can always clean the jewels and keep them clean and dry.

In case, if the jewelry is too old and already tarnished, you can use a polishing kit or clean the jewels with a professional. There are also some home remedies that one can try to clean up that oxidization.
Homemade cleaning dip includes a mix of baking soda, salt, and hot water. Dip your metal in the concentrate for at least three to five minutes. Rinse the piece with clean water and tap it dry with a cotton cloth before keeping it back in the case.