Easter 2021 is quickly approaching and Christians on a global level are ready to mark this important day on their calendars. The event always brings joy to everyone’s life as the day symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Apart from delicious food and prayers, the most exciting part of the day is choosing what to wear. To create an exciting easter statement look, you can Buy Silver Earrings Online in India from Ratnavali Arts. Here are some tips to create a decent yet stylish outfit for the Easter celebrations of 2021.


Plan your outfit according to occasion and event

Before you plan your shopping day, you have to understand the different activities that take place on Easter. There is the Easter Sunday church, family brunch, and the kids’ Easter egg hunt. So keep all that in mind while purchasing the right outfit for you! Also, locations like a church require a formal outfit with subtle looks. Make sure not to overdress. Modest designs and floral patterns are ideal for the occasion. You can also Buy Gold Bracelet Online India that complements your subtle looks.

Accessories are important to complete your Easter look. With a formal skirt or dress, you can go minimalistic and pair it with a small pearl pendant and earring set along with a classic bracelet. Buy Silver Earrings Online in India from ratnavali arts that looks astonishing with floral skirts and pumps. 


From casual to dapper, with Ratnavali gold bracelets

For men, formal looks like a shirt and formal coat would be perfect for the holy day. You can pair your coat with formal shoes and a hat( optional). For jewelry, you can Buy Gold Bracelet Online India or cufflinks that contrast the whole look. Avoid any funky colors or patterns as it might be informal for the church. If you find it hard to decide the outfit, you can always take suggestions from your elders or church priest.

The day is about love and appreciation for god, not only for adults for our little angels too. For girls, simple dresses and subtle outfits are the best. On the other hand, your young handsome man can dress up in formal attire. If your offspring are too young to handle formals, you can dress them in decent casuals that follow the decorum of the church.
So here are the tips that one can use to celebrate Easter in the best statement looks! For more updates on the latest trends and jewelry follow our social media handles on Facebook, twitter and instagram.